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A special place to stay...
 We have always appreciated and valued old homes and have often been dismayed when one was not cared for.  Sherman is a carpenter by trade and usually builds using the modern conventional methods.  But he especially likes restoring old homes.  So when we had the opportunity to buy an old log cabin back in 2000, it eventually led to our first vacation rental - Joy's Country Cabin.  The 1850's log structure was moved to the farm where Joy was raised.  It was lovingly restored and enlarged using many materials salvaged from other old houses and barns.  We had such a good experience with our first vacation rental that we decided to convert the farmhouse to our second vacation rental.  We did a little modernizing, added a second bathroom to accommodate larger groups, and shopped for antique furniture which fit with the early 1900's farmhouse.  So now we had two vacation rentals.  And then another old house in our community was about to be torn down.  Not wanting all the beautiful old doors and wood trim to be destroyed, we made a deal with the owners to remove some useable materials.  But what were we going to do with all this stuff?  Then the idea hit.  We could turn the large garage/farm storage building into "The Bunkhouse" and use those wonderful old doors, etc.  So come visit and see for yourself.  By the way, we now have another project  underway - restoring a house built before Abraham Lincoln was president!
The owners
Sherman and Joy Schlichting